It wasn’t long into my 90 day journey through the Bible that I came to Leviticus. Leviticus is the book at often side tracks those of us who vow to read through the Bible. Genesis is filled with great drama and history. Exodus continues the great history and rescue of God’s people.  Leviticus is a book of detail. Details for a struggeling, wandering people to be reconciled to their Holy Creator God.  As I read it this time I discovered something new. With every turn of the page, through the details of the sacrificial system, past the blood spatters, and the repetition I found a treasure. I found reason to be grateful.

If you have not read Leviticus lately I urge you to sit down and give it a good read.  This time read it with a grateful and humble heart for all that Christ has done for us by completing the demands of the Law in His body on the Cross. Can you see why those responsible for the keeping of the system would be upset with Jesus.  Can you see why people today still have a hard time coming to terms that Christ’s perfect sacrifice for us is enough for all our sin.  Feel the weight of the entire Law placed on his bruised and bleeding shoulders upon the Cross.

So while so many say that Leviticus is a great cure for insomnia, I say it better serves us as a cure for an ungrateful heart.


Life is too short to waste ponders on things that don’t matter.  Have a GodPonder

<>< Craig