While I was in college my faith took a step away from the truth. I struggled to find my footing, and to find personal confidence in the faith I once held as solid. To find the reality of the Gospel and to know Christ, I began to read.  I read Martin Luther, Watchman Nee, C.S. Lewis, along with more contemporary authors like Chuck Swindoll, John MacArthur, and Billy Graham. Today I would shy away from some of these authors, but in college, I was searching. I was reading commentaries on the Gospels and listening to radio preaching, but it all left me more confused.

This journey took place while I was a student at Concordia College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. One night while sitting in the lounge of David Dorm, preparing to share a devotion with the other members of the dorm, the Lord spoke to me.  Not in audible words or whispers in my ear, but in the sound of a zipper.  It was the zipper on my zipper Bible case. I realized, as I unzipped the case, I had been looking in the wrong place to find solid ground. If I wanted to find confidence in Christ, I needed to hear from Him.

I needed to stop listening to what others said about God, and hear from Him directly. I needed to get into the Bible. I needed to know Christ. That desire to know Christ has been a big part of my learning, growing, and teaching for more than 30 years. I know first hand how the many voices around us can all sound good and wise to our ears. True wisdom comes from a deep personal and living relationship with the risen and living Jesus Christ.

In many of Paul’s letters to the churches, found in the Bible, we find deep heartfelt prayers for God’s people. The theme of his prayer is often centered around his call for them to “Know Christ”. He prays that they would know the depth of Christ’s love, the power of His wisdom, the sufficiency of His grace, and continue to grow in their knowledge of Him.

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In my latest project, Knowing Christ: A Study of Colossians we take a verse by verse walk through Paul’s letter to the Colossian Church. This 9 week small group study will help you to know Christ and discover how that knowledge shapes how we live our lives. When you order guides for your small group, you also get access to our online resources which include:

  • a complete leaders guide
  • video and illustration suggestions
  • additional teaching content
  • publicity posters and graphics
  • a bonus 10th study on the book of Philemon.

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