In my short 52 years of life so many godly men have blessed my life. These men have come along side me for a season, or for years. These men have made the sparks fly and I have grown because of them.  I pray that I have been a blessing to them.

2014-07-27 20.55.37This summer two men were again provided in my life to help sharpen me. These two men are in one of my new favorite photos. Raphael is on the left. He was the head of construction.  Tony is on the right and was one of our translators from this summer’s mission trip. I’m the guy in the middle for those of you new to this blog.

For the second year in a row my brothers in Christ from the Dominican Republic showed me what it means to serve the King. Their infectious love of the Lord pours out of them, even when they are saying nothing.   Language is no barrier to the Spirit’s work. However,  I long for the day when the three of us can talk around the throne of God without the aid of a translator.

I give thanks to my God for the opportunity to serve with these and so many other great servants this summer.

QUESTIONS: Who has helped sharpen you over the years?  Let the conversation begin.  CLICK HERE