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Who doesn’t like FREE? I found this Free app about Free apps about a year ago.  I must admit my app collection has gone significantly because of this app.  Each day it lists between 7-15 FREE apps.  Most of them are free only for the day, sometimes just for a few hours.  While a vast majority of them are games, and I am not a iPad game player, I do find some great photo apps, and productivity apps as well.   If i see an app that i even remotely think I might use some time I download it to my iPad. I often delete them just as fast after looking at them but I now own them forever.  I can not tell you how many times months later I was searching for a specific app only to stumble upon one I already own and just need to re-download it to my iPad.

Being basically cheap, or frugal, as I am It is a rare day that I do not take a look at what is offered each day.  They offer iPhone and iPad apps, as well as universal apps which work on either device.  p.s. many of my Apps of The Week come to me from this great little money saving app.