NIV Quest Study Bible App niv-quest-study-bible-

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I remember when the Serendipity Study Bible first came out.  Every church worker ran out and purchased one.  Why? Because it was a great last minute, I need a Bible Study in 4 minutes resource.  It also was a great at sparking ideas as we prepared to lead a study on a particular text.  The well worn pages of my serendipity Bible has been replaced by my iPad Quest Study Bible App. Includes the complete New International Version of the Bible and over 7000 Questions & Answers from the Bible.

This App from our friends at Zondervan is not only good for leading a discussion on a particular passage.  It is also my favorite reading bible because of its quick navigation, and easy to read and mark text. It also allows me to copy text to paste into other applications, like perhaps your morning Bible Verse Tweet.  Not only does it contain the NIV, but you can add from many other popular Bible translations or Commentaries, or Study Bibles all designed to help you in your study.