It came on the scene in March 2008 and I have been a fan since day one.  iGoogle is a customized  home page that allows Google users to add tabs, themes and drag-n-drop widgets to their home page. The site has a whole bank of third-party widgets to choose from including widgets for news, tools, sports and lifestyle. Users can also add widgets for their favorite Google products including Gmail, Talk and YouTube.

While there are lots of gadgets you can add to your home page, or to one of the tabbed pages I must admit that my favorite use of the iGoogle page is to hold my favorite links.  This feature alone is worth the price I pay to use iGoogle.  If you haven’t figured it out this is one of the great FREE tools that Google provides.

This page also gives me easy access to my Google Calendar, Mail, Maps, YouTube, and my Picasa online pages.  My favorite gadget is “box of links”  I have several of them on my page grouping my links into techie 6 packs. You can also “theme” your page and make it reflect you.