The other day in Confirmation Class I used a set of “Faith Talk” cards that I picked up many years ago.  After dealing out the cards, I invite students to pick two cards that they are willing to share with the group.  The cards include a wide variety of topics, from early faith memories to questions about their own view of the world.  One of the students picked a card that asked “do you believe there would be animals in heaven, why or why not?”

After giving his answer, and he is an animal in heaven kind of guy, he added an under his breath an extra thought. “I hope I can poop in heaven?” I must admit after teaching confirmation for more than 30 years there is little that catches me off guard. But he accomplished it.  Contrary to the rules of “faith talk” in which we ask students not to respond to others comments, but simply listen and learn.  I had to ask…”Did you just say that you hoped you could poop in heaven?” A little red faced, he answered, “yes, you know that great feeling you get after a good poop. I hope I have that in heaven.

What a simple request it was, to have that satisfied feeling that comes only from a good BM. Of all the requests I have heard over the years it was refreshing to hear such a simple request for the life beyond. I reminded him that he could aim a little higher for the bliss of heaven.

It got me pondering after I stopped chuckling, What would I hope to find in heaven? What joy of the earth would I hope to find in eternity. I don’t think I ever looked beyond German Chocolate Cake. But if I had to pick a “Feeling” I would love to have that feeling that comes when I am lost in a time of prayer. That moment when I am in the presence of that powerful prayer warrior who just seems to walk into God’s presence, and you feel a complete lifting of any burden. That feeling of holy release…that is what I long for.

SOMETHING TO PONDER: What about you? Which of your earthly experiences would you like to take with you into eternity?

Now before I get all the email about heaven being so much greater than all we can imagine, I get that! It will be an experience and a presence with my King that I can never anticipate…But I can still hope for German Chocolate Cake.