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It was several years ago that I first became aware of the quiet behind the scenes work of Hobby Lobby.  It began Easter Sunday, 1997, when Hobby Lobby placed a full page message ad in all of the newspapers in which they advertized. Since then, they have continued to place full  page message ad each Christmas day and each Easter Sunday in every newspaper they advertise in.  How many newspapers is that?  you ask: For Easter 2007, this was 290 newspapers in 30 states with a readership in excess of 47 million. For July 4, 2007, Hobby Lobby placed its Independence Day message in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times with a combined readership of over 4 million.

The green image to the right is just a part of this years full page ad.  Click the image to see the whole ad.

From my humble corner of the stable, I want to say thanks to Hobby Lobby for lifting up the message of Jesus Christ to a world in need.  Visit their collection of Ministry Ads at:

Well Done! <>< Craig