Heaven is for realThere is a new movie out this week, Heaven is For Real.  It is based on the best selling book by the same title. While I have not seen the movie and have only read excerpts from the book, I do know one thing, Heaven is for real. However, my belief in heaven is not shaken by the book or the movie both of which paint a very different picture of heaven than mine.  No that is not a typo ( there are others I’m sure it is part of my writing style) the book has not shaken my belief.  I do not for a moment believe that that book will lead others to believe in Heaven.

My solid trust and belief in heaven is based on the power, and truth of Scripture, which long ago convinced me of the reality of Heaven.  I struggle now as I write this post today, because their are many I know who are racing to see the movie, who have embraced the book. While I have no issue with the title, I have issue with the content of this and the many other books that have been written in the last 20 years on the issue of Heaven and Hell.

I wish that Scripture would paint a complete picture of heaven, that it would describe it in clear enough detail that I could answer all the confirmation questions I have heard over the years about heaven.  “Will pets be in Heaven?”, “Will we have wings in Heaven?”, “Will we know each other in Heaven?”, “Can we watch earth from there?”  That last one I can answer without hesitation.  I believe heaven is a perfect place, of untold joy in the very presence and perfection of God where even the glimpse of this fallen world would destroy its perfection.

While we could argue theologically about that which Scripture does or does not say about the other 100’s of questions we have about heaven there is one thing I know about Heaven.  It is all about God.  Don’t just run over those few words ponder them in the light of what Scripture says about heaven.  Heaven is all about God.

The descriptions we have about heaven in Scripture, which are all given to us by visions and not by visits, speak of the unimaginable power, majesty, and glory of God. From Isaiah to John the visions are all the same, the magnificence and glory of God are at the heart of heaven.

While taking a quick break before finishing today’s post I saw a video that was shared by David Platt.  I invite you to take the next 4 minutes and listen as he does a masterful job of reading my mind… (grin)


There is little I can add to what David said in the video.  We must realize once again that we can not out Hollywood God.  The Bible is our sole source for truth in this life… especially about the next life.