sf_oneNation_01From so many perspectives, it has been a hard year for America. There have been senseless acts of violence in the name of protest, severe weather and natural disasters have brought great harm to many, and, most recently, the courts have decided to rewrite cultural norms that have stood for thousands of years. In spite of all this, on this day of celebration of our Independence from the monarchy of England we still have much to be thankful for.

I am also reminded today of the slow work of God, and His perfect timing. While we may feel that things are getting darker for America, this darkness will make the Light of Christ shine brighter in our eyes. I know and rejoice that God is still sovereign, and He is still Lord over all the nations. His will and desires for this world can not be thwarted.

So, let’s take some time today to pray that this great nation can continue to be a beacon of hope and freedom in a world that can sometimes seem pretty harsh. May her leaders be given wisdom to govern wisely. Pray that the citizens would use their voices and vote for the betterment of this “experiment” in democracy.

Share your prayer for America in the comments below . . . let’s build a national prayer list.

<>< Craig