Families in Faith

Families in Faith puts tools into parents’ hands to help them pass the faith onto their children, teaching them about Jesus, guiding them towards heaven as their home. Here you’ll find ideas, strategies, and encouragement as you are equipped to talk about God with your children while you go about life together. Christian parents have as their number one responsibility leading their children to Jesus, teaching and guiding them towards heaven as their home. The Bible has the road map for us to be successful in this: Parents are best positioned to be the teachers and leaders for their children as they impress God’s love and commands on their children as they simply go about life together. Our mission is to equip parents, and this app provides the tools. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BY DOWNLOADING THIS APP–IT’S FREE! These tools are for you and your family. Feel free to visit us on the web to learn more about Families in Faith: http://familiesinfaith.org props for our developer: The Families in Faith app was developed with the Subsplash App Platform.