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Lets be honest we like to take everything with us, we like to work on our Youth Talks from Starbucks, and we like to find things fast!  There is a great new app, filled with fantastic promise… Clips

Clips will help you find illustrations from great films that will help your audience engage with the Bible. This is a must have app for pastors, small group leaders, and youth ministers.

Clips doesn’t just tell you what movies have great “clips” in them it tells you exactly what scenes to use, what topics to teach, the verses you could use, and even some possible discussion questions.

You can browse the movie library, look up topics you’d like to teach, or even search for a scene based on a particular verse. Once you find the movie you want to use, Clips makes it easy for you to have exactly what you need to lead a discussion.

Features Include:

  • Library of 50 movies (and growing…)
  • Over 80 topics
  • Search by title, topic, or verse
  • Share scene details via email
  • Save your favorite clips and add used clips to history
  • Easily find movies in iTunes through download links

Requested Feature Coming Soon:

  • “Suggest a Clip” to recommend movie scenes to add
As a beta tester for this app I am excited to see it come to life in the app store.




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