This is national e-book week.  I’m not sure who declares such things but I saw it online so it must be true. (grin)

I was in days gone by a big reader, but over the last few years my reading has for the most part become work related only.  In some respect I can blame this on my eyes, it has become increasingly difficult for me to read a book with small print.  So last October, in honor of my Birthday (which is in August if you want to start shopping) I decided to use some gift money I had received and by an e-book reader.  After much debate, I settled on the kindle 3 by amazon. With it’s bold white e-ink screen and great resolution I must admit I have begun reading just for leisure again.  The adjustable font is what has done wonders for me, the portability is a plus also.

Before I actually purchased my kindle I had read two books on my iPod touch using the free kindle software. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are many sources for free e-books out there.  I use Amazon as the main source for my free e-books.

Today the two big names in e-book readers are the Kindle by Amazon and the Nook by Barnes and Noble.  Both are great e-book readers.  But you don’t need either to enjoy e-books. Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble have released free versions of their e-reader software for just about any device you can think of, from the iPod to the iPad, from the PC to the Mac, from the iPhone to the Android there is a free reader for you.






I must admit I have not user the nook much, since I own the kindle, but I do use the kindle app on my iPod, my tablet pc, and my android phone.  through the use of what Amazon calls “whispersync” your book stays in sync where you left off on all your devices – nice feature!

Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble offer many free books, including many of the “classics.”  I read around the world in 80 days, and the adventures of Sherlock Holms before I ever bought my actual kindle.

There is a great blog I would recommend for Kindle books (but he also lists many non- kindle sites that you could use for book on either reader.

I also use my kindle to store pdf files of my teaching notes, I can review them anywhere, and even use the kindle in class.

Click on one of the pictures above and begin your e-book adventure.

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