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This morning I heard the news that members of Westboro Baptist Church is going to be in the twin cities for the Final Four. I didn’t know they were College ball fans.  Sadly they are in town to show exactly what the church is NOT to be about. Their protests are coming to the city I serve as Vicar at New Creation Lutheran Church in Shakopee, MN.  They have scheduled protests outside 3 local churches in Shakopee. I pray for those churches and for those who will be witness to their protests.  When the family (the church) has an issue with our brothers and sisters, protests and condemnation is not the way we are called to handle it.  Scripture paints a clear picture of how we care for someone with whom we have a disagreement. The word protest does not show up in the text when speaking of a brother.

Do I agree with everything these targeted churches are teaching, or on every theological point of doctrine? No, But the gospel suffers enough without Christians fighting Christians. No wonder so many in the world have such a low opinion of the Church today May we reflect the Love and Care of Christ to our brothers and sisters around the globe in the name of Christ!

<>< Craig