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PEEKFREEAnyone who has ever put time and effort into a website would love to be a fly on the wall the first time someone looks at it.  We all want to hear them rave about the beautiful design, the amazing navigation and the excellent use of color.  What if their first review merited a “so what is this website about anyway?”

In the past you would ask your friends, or members of our organization, or perhaps even our your spouse to review your work. We all know how that goes, they all tell us it looks lovely, great job!

Sign up (free) to Peek User Testing and you can get a 5 minute video of someone using your site. They will even test it on a mobile device. In less than 24 hours they return you a video in your inbox.  You can pay for more tests, choosing your audience, setting users tasks etc. and on different devices etc.

Let us know what you thought of your “Peek” in the comments below!