Free Stock Photos

As someone who is always creating content—whether it is a blog post, a slide show for a conference, or a workbook—I am always on the hunt for some great free stock photos. As a photographer, I am always looking for a way to share my work with others. I have found the perfect location for both. PIXABAY is a website filled with stock photos released under the Creative Commons License.

blue-rowboat-981168_1280The collection of photos available grows every day as people submit new photos. It is easy to find images, through their inline search feature. You can also “like” photos to help them in the ratings. If you find a photographer you like, you can follow them as well. I am still waiting to see if my first 10 photos were accepted; if so, then I will be able to upload more and grow the collections! You can follow me at

Have you found a fun source for free stock photos? Leave us a note in the comments and we will check it out!

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