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free stock photos

It seems like every week I am stumbling upon a new hidden treasure on the web.  This week it is the website the name fits it well.  There is nothing flashy about this website, but it does offer some great free stock photos that are “Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos.” they advertise 10 new hi-res photos a week, if you sign up they will drop them in your inbox once a week!

canva_fb_coverSecond I found a great tool for making graphic with text banners for facebook, twitter, pinterest, or any other social format or project.  This is found at  I have used the canva app on my ipad for about a year now, but only recently stumbled on the website.

With the built in templates it is super easy to create great graphics for your social media, website, or blogging needs.

So go grab some great free stock photos from unsplash, the take them to canva and create something fun. Then comeback here and show us what you have made just post a link in our comments. let us enjoy your work!

Always looking for great freebies…if you know of some, leave me a note in the comments or drop me an email!

<>< Craig