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So is it just me or do people change email very frequesntly.  There are times I’m sure some of my students must be in the witnesss protection program becase they so frequently change their email they must be running from someone!

In ministry it is important that we communicate on as many levels as we can. While students may tell us they don’t use that old school email anymore, their parents and your leaders do. There is an amazing FREE service out there called MailChimp.  This service helps you maintain an email list and allows people to join and leave your groups as they wish with no work on your end.  This service will do all the heavy lifting of bulk email for you.  Complete with templates, and integration to a number of other social media platforms this is worth the look see!  Especially if you are still doing all your emails through Outlook!

Did I mention that it’s free, unless you go over 500 names… then it’s not free it’s cheap!

Check it out at