Muddy River Media is a registered, non-profit mission society which exists to consistently provide free, quality media resources for churches using the internet as the primary delivery tool.

They create and offer media such as:

  • Illustrative Videos
  • Small Group Videos and leader’s guides
  • Motion Backgrounds
  • Life Story Videos
  • Countdown Timers
  • Stock Photographs and Illustrations

History and Philosphy
Their ministry came out of the combination of our desire to use the creative gifts God has given us as well as our passion to help smaller churches have cutting edge, culturally relevant media they could not afford to purchase.

We live in a video age, and more and more churches are using modern media to get their message across. But what about the ones who can’t afford to spend $15 on a 90 second illustrative video… or $75 and more on small group video curriculum?

Good video takes a lot of time and expertise to create. We believe it is poor stewardship to spend those resources to create a video that will only be used once or twice. Why not offer it to literally thousands of churches world-wide so they can benefit from it? That is the concept behind Muddy River Media. We will also be encouraging other Churches and independent video producers to allow us to freely offer their media on this website to the benefit of other churches.

Visit them online at