This has to be my pick for gadget of the year. Next time a youth shows up at an event with only a credit card…. Take it and swipe it yourself with Square. Square is the easy and no-hassle POS essential. You get everything pretty much for free. Square will send you a free credit card reader, the app is free, and the service is low cost.
You even have the option of adding items to a quick charge or inventory list. Along with receipts that are emailed to the swipee, you can also use the same app or program to record and receipt Cash payments.
For swiped transactions there is a flat 2.75% taken out and for manual entries it is a flat 3.5% plus $0.15 per transaction. No monthly bills or service charges besides the flat rate charges.
Did I mention that the app was FREE the plug in reader is FREE.
Check it out in the Apple or Android apps or at https://squareup.com/