So you were searching for the perfect video clip for your Bible class or youth night.  You found it – on YouTube – but you need to import it into your powerpoint  or Media Shout for use at the camp with no internet!

Not to worry – VDownloader is here!  This free program will download videos from YouTube, Google and Grinvi. Just launch this stand alone program, enter the address of the video and click Download.

VDownloader converts the videos to MPEG or AVI. You don’t need a Flash player to watch them.

While YouTube does their best to keep copyrighted videos off their site, some have found their way onto YouTube. So make sure you’re not downloading videos that you shouldn’t.  A little common sense goes a long way!

This program may also save you from some embarrassing “suggested video” that comes up on the screen following using the video  live on YouTube.  This also is a great way to store your clips for use later without having to “hope” that you can find them again on line.

Visit VDownloader

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