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Hi My name is Craig and I tweet.  I must admit that I sat by quietly watching twitter develop over the years.  I was present early, and followed many family, students, and friends.  I soon tiered of knowing who “Just had a baloney sandwich” or “who thinks the packers rock”.

Lately I have refined down a lot just who I follow.  I now have several twitter accounts, and I use them for different purposes.  Today I enjoy twitter most for the links to great articles and information on topics of interest to me.  But even sorting through all those in “tweet” form takes time.  This is where comes in. is created by Smallrivers. With, you can create up to 10 newspapers based on Twitter list, users or keywords. Each news paper is an aggregation of TMy Paper_liwitter posts which meet one of those criteria and contain a link. Each newspaper updates at least once every 24 hours. if you want you can receive an email informing you of the update.

You can even subscribe to other people papers – Want to give my The UthGuyTech Daily a read CLICK HERE.

Have you found a good paper to follow?  did you build one? Let me know I would love to check it out.