M20130304-205142.jpgany years ago I received a Disciples Cross, from a co-worker. It was made out of four nails and wrapped in colorful wire. I have been wearing one ever since. Over the years I have had the joy of many people commenting on my cross. I began a few years ago to carry one in my pocket so if someone commented on it, I could share one with them. I also like to tell they why I wear the cross, the life, death and resurrection of Christ that it represents.

I have given them out ot the State Fair, in coffee shops, at a McDonnald’s Drive-thru, and most recently at Office Depot, just to name a few. I have never taken the time to find out the story behind the people I give them to – until now. I am in the process of printing a new card to insert with the Cross inviting the recipient to share their “Cross Story” with me through my website.

Watch for “Cross Stories” coming soon to CraigMcCourt.com . Maybe you have a story you can tell, have you received a cross from me?

Now that I have made this public, I better order a few more crosses!/p>

<>< Craig