I remember as a child drawing little stick men in the corners of my school books.  Each page the stick man would move ever so slightly until after 20 or more pages you had your own little ADD flipbook.  I realize that flipbooks may ave fallen out of favor with the advent of video and youtube etc. but they are still fun.  My computer does not even know they exist because it keeps insisting that there is no such word as “flipbook”.

But come on you can admit it, you miss the little flipbooks.  Well miss them no more!  There is a great little tool that will take a piece of video and turn it into a flipbook and then all your do is print and assemble.  If you are like me and have some business card stock laying around you have it made.  This little beauty will print to that stock directly.

Now image this…. you have a youth event coming up and you want to get kids excited about it.  Create a flipbook or two from video of last years event and leave them laying around the youth room. Make the last page of them a mini add reminding students to sign up for the big event.  Tada you are a advertising genius!

This works best with short videos. And you don’t have to print every frame. You choose how many to skip between printed frames.  Buck check it out and let me know what you think.