It feels like forever since I have taken a chance to write on GodPonders from my favorite writing spot, The Mocha Monkey. So sit back and let me tell you a little story. I’ll wait while you get a fresh Diet Coke, and a bag of chips……….

There is a group of men that I meet with each Thursday night for Bible Study, prayer, and accountability. This group has done many and various studies over the years. One book that we have enjoyed is a book by Becky Tirabassi “The Burning Heart Contract.” It was about a month ago as we began to talk a out how to give our group a shot in the arm to start the fall that we settled on a return to Becky’s book. So I picked up a few copies for those who were new to the group and we set the date to start.

Meanwhile in a city far far away… Well maybe not that far but that is beside the point. In the fair city of Edina a group from Cross View Lutheran Church was working hard to make the new UthGuy feel welcome. Final plans for an installation service were being put in place. The big day came and on September 13th I was installed as the Director of Youth and Adult Ministries at Cross View Lutheran Church in Edina, MN. At the worship, youth members of the congregation gave me a series of Gifts, A Footprints plaque, a Cross, a prayer box, a bible, and a devotional book. It was an awesome service and a great day. After the worship my two boys carried my gifts to my office and placed them on my desk.

Back in the fair city of Waconia the men met to start their book study. To kick off the study we decided to listen to a recording I have of Becky Tirabassi speaking on “the Burning Heart Contract.” Becky tells the story of the members of the Burning Heart Club who devoted themselves to several things, one of them was to spend 1 hour a day with The Lord in Bible Reading and Prayer. She tells how she has continued that for the last 21 years, and that she now is on a plan to read through the Bible each year and has done it 15 years in a row. Then in a way that only Beck can tell it she says, “It’s not rocket science, all I need to do is know what day it is. I purchased a Bible that is divided into 365 daily readings.” Listening to her I was inspired to add another Bible to my collection, a dated read through the bible in a year edition.

The gifts from my installation sat untouched on my desk, with the beautiful ribbons still in place until the following Sunday. The week in between I was involved in training for the Bible Narrative study called Crossways. Last Sunday I took the time to take the ribbons of my gifts to begin to use them. When I opened the Bible I discovered that it was a Bible called “the Daily Walk Bible.” It is designed to help you walk through the Bible in one year. Ponder that for a moment.

Coincidence? I don’t think so. This is part of the fun way that my God loves to intersect my life with his presence. What an awesome God I serve!

<>< Craig