Chute OpenedAbout 2 years ago, it was as if I was pushed out of a perfectly good aircraft called full-time ministry.  The good news is, I was wearing a parachute AND it opened!  For the last two years I have been working outside of direct ministry selling office supplies.  Currently I serve as the Operations Manager at an OfficeMax\OfficeDepot store in Burnsville.  What a blessing it has been to have a job in a day when so many are looking for work.  I also have been blessed with corporate benefits of full-time employment.

After 2 years drifting with my chute open, the ground is getting ever closer.  It will soon be time to land. When this adventure began, Shirley and I prayed and sought the advice of many wonderful Christian friends in the Body of Christ.  We decided to give this skydive 3 years.  We are now entering the start of our third year and our landing spot is still not clear.

Our goal was to grow the business of GodPonders in three years to the point where it would be almost self-sustaining.  This has proven to be a challenge while working 40 hours a week somewhere else.  Time to see what this chute can do! We are prayerfully seeking our landing zone.  Do I start working part-time outside GodPonders, and full-time growing the ministry? Do I keep working full-time at OfficeMax, and part-time growing the ministry? Do I put myself on a call list and go back into full-time parish ministry? Do I open my own chain of office supply stores? Should Shirley seek full-time employment? As you can see there are many options.

Why am I telling you this? Simply, I desire your prayers as we seek a place to land. Many of you were very encouraging as this adventure began.  Many of you have been asking on a regular basis, “Is there anything I can do to help?”  The answer is: “YES you can.”  Please pray for us as we look to the future – as we consider a funding campaign to create a promotional DVD to share with churches.  I also have updated our Current Needs list. Maybe you can assist with something on the list.  If you have been touched by the ministry of GodPonders please share our name with others, family, friends, churches… anywhere we could be of assistance to help grow the Kingdom and share the Good News of Christ!

Through it all, I marvel at the graciousness of our God on this ride.  He has given us the provision needed to support us through various jobs, and opportunities to speak.  He has allowed us to publish our first book Pondering God. He has opened the door for me to preach at an amazing number of churches on Sunday mornings.  I am confident of His continued provision in our lives.

Let us know what your thoughts are?  Any ideas come to mind? Any landing zone advice?