We are all creatures of habit, we like things the way we like things. You might want to write that down, that was profound. Now that I have made the decision to return to full time church work at New Creation Lutheran Church I need to find a new coffee shop.

And the need is even great since the heat in my current office is out of control, most days it’s about 92 degrees in there. Yes they are trying to resolve the issue, but with a boiler that was built 50+ years ago it takes time.

monkabeansSo back to my search, I need to find a space that allows me the freedom to be comfortable, is not a “big box coffee shop” and has good wi-fi. I guess a good cup of coffee would be a good thing as well. Today is my first day on the hunt and I may have found it first try. Monkabeans is a local coffee shop about 5 minutes from my office sauna and so far their wi-fi and coffee are both good!

The other determination of the quality of a coffee shop is who gathers.  There is a nice mix of people 2 men were discussing Scripture when I came in – always a good sign. There are two tables dedicated to local business people, a place to put your business card and let people know who you are. I will have to remember to bring some next time I stop in.

I often feel that our churches should have more of the feel of a good coffee shop. A comfortable place which has a home like feel, good wi-fi and a good cup of java. A place where people just like to hang out, a place where people can just bring a good book, (even better – THE Good Book) and relax. Maybe we should have some tables out where people can leave information about who they are, and how they enjoy serving. Some quiet music in the background some occasional fresh baked goodies and I think we would have it made.

I think it’s time to put the computer away and grab a good book and kick back for a little time “in the Word”.

SOMETHING TO PONDER: How could you church become more like a coffee shop? Share you thoughts in the comments I would love to hear from you.