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I still remember helping my boys as they built a “Goldberg machine” in one of their science classes.  The goal of their machine was to complicate lighting a match!  Well Goldberg has met his match with a great new website that I like to think of as a Chain Reaction Site –  No, it is not a typo in need of a few vowels.  The site’s full name is “If  This Then That.”

It is a simple concept with a powerful end result.  One activity on the web triggers another action on the web.  The posting of this blog post will begin a chain reaction through the use of ifttt tasks.

The  task shown above is one of three tasks that will begin when this post is “posted.”  The link to my new post is shared with Facebook, my twitter account, and my LinkedIn account.  all while I do nothing!  But this is just scraping the surface what what this website can do:

  • Get a text message if it is going to snow tomorrow.
  • Get an email if your favorite feed is updated.
  • move a copy of all your instagram photos to your Dropbox
  • receive a text if you have a new message on your email program.

AND if you are not even sure what to ask it to do for you, they have the site populated with thousands of “recipes” to help get your creative juices flowing!

So go and get the web working for you!  Let your Facebook groupies know that you just posted a new devo on your Youth Website, and tweet all your youth followers that a new event was posted on your blog.

Have fun and let me know what creative uses you came up with for this great site.