There was not much to see in Bethlehem. It was a small shepherding village, certainly nothing royal or impressive about it. Yet in God’s plan it was perfect.  I’m sure the little town of Bethlehem had no idea that because of that night over 2000 years ago it would be celebrated and sung about yet today.

It’s contribution to the story of God and his people is secure for it is woven into the very fabric of God’s eternal story.  What about your contribution to God’s story? Have you ever pondered being woven into the fabric of eternity? I hope you have. I hope that this Christmas you ponder the blessing that you have been designed to offer to the world.  Each of us have been hand crafted by God with special gifts and purpose, like Bethlehem.

Even at the time of David I don’t think anyone in Bethlehem would have imagined what their future story would be.  Who will be a part of your future story, who will recall the kindness of Christ they saw in you? Who will tell of the time your prayers were powerful in their lives? Who will recount the times your service impacted their lives, even thought they never met, or even saw you?

Go be Bethlehem and leave a mark on eternity with the Grace and Gifts of God that he has given to you. I can’t wait to see your strands of Grace in the Story of God, and there is no season better than this to start laying down that new pattern of blessing.

”Oh little town of Shakopee….” maybe someday!

HOW has someone woven themselves into your eternal story?