After several months of deliberation and prayer we have decided to put out a tip-jar and invite you to become a Patron of GodPonders through our page at Patreon.


Click the Tip Jar to become a Patron!

Why is GodPonders using Patreon? We love doing this for you, but sometimes we have to make a choice: Shirley and I both work outside the home to help us make the proverbial ends meet because the business is not yet generating the kind of income we need to “keep the lights on.”

Why not just start to charge for our content? We do charge for our speaking, travel, books, and other resources. Charging for our podcast or web resources goes against what we’ve tried to accomplish for so long: to make great content that helps people grow closer to God, and to give it away.  For free.  So we put out the TIP JAR

What do I do to become a Patron? Simply click on the tip-jar and you will be whisked to our patreon page where you can pledge your support for as little as $1.00 per podcast (we post podcasts weekly) on up to $100 per podcast to become a corporate sponsor.  Much more detail can be found on patreon so please consider how you might support GodPonders!