OK I have to be honest with you – it wasn’t that long ago I had no idea what a QR code even was.   But now I see them  everywhere, everywhere that is except at church.  But for me that is about to change.   I have decided to start using them on all kinds of different things.

  • Posters that we hang around the building with a QR code to take them to the web information or sign up page.
  • On bible study pages next to the links I often offer to “more information” to make it easier for people to look up more information.
  • In our newsletter and on postcards about events to take them to instant sign up pages.
  • I am even having some T-Shirts made with them on with links to pages designed to help students understand what it means to have a relationship with Christ.
  • In my UthGuyTech blog to introduce you to my daily youth ministry online newspaper. (just scan the QR above or if you are old school you can click it!)

Why don’t you be the first in your church to use them.  If you come up with other fun uses let me know.

HOW DO YOU MAKE THEM?  I’m glad you asked – I found a FREE QR-Code Generator.  It works slick for URLs or Text or phone numbers.