productivityWhat if I told you there was a simple productivity tip that cost nothing to do, and has the added benefit of general overall good health?  You can thank me later after you real my tip!

Are you aware that a simple glass of water can make you more productive? That’s right avoiding dehydration has the power to improve the way you work. But that’s just one of the surprising benefits; drinking water has also been linked to increased weight loss, proper kidney function and much more.

Hydration Can Your Boosts Brain Power

Water plays critical role in how your brain functions. So don’t be surprised that even slight dehydration changes the way you think. A 2012 University of Connecticut study found that mild dehydration – 1 to 2 percent – caused a decrease in cognitive function for young men and young women.

The study found that young men were more likely to experience difficulty performing mental tasks, “particularly in the areas of vigilance and working memory.” The study also reported that mild dehydration, according to the study, can cause mood shifts especially for young women. 

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE…  3 more health related reasons to stay hydrated 

1.  Water is vital for Proper Digestive Health

Your digestive system needs water to function properly and move food waste through the body. In fact, dehydration can cause constipation. This happens because when you’re dehydrated your stools become drier, harder and more difficult to pass. This can become a chronic condition. That’s why the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases reports that drinking water and other liquids can help normalize bowel function.

Water in the PM can help your BM in the AM… Maybe I should put this on a shirt!

2.  Being Dehydrated Can Cause Your Blood Pressure to Fluctuate:

Dehydration can result in both high and low blood pressure. When you’re dehydrated, the ratio of sodium in your blood increases. This increase causes the kidneys to work harder to remove waste, which in turn, causes your blood pressure to rises.

Low blood pressure  can also be due to a lack of water in your system. Dehydration can cause a decrease in blood volume, causing decreased pressure in the blood vessels.

3. Hydration Helps You Diet.

One thing’s clear: Water is a zero-calorie drink. Therefore, when you drink water instead of a soda or fruit juice, you’re avoiding unnecessary calories. But drinking water might also help you feel fuller.

A 2010 Virginia Tech study found that dieters who drank two 8-ounce glasses of water before a meal ate roughly 75 less calories per meal. Those calories added up quickly.

*Splashing water at work reduces productivity and is shown here only for cool graphic effect.

*Splashing water at work reduces productivity and is shown here only for cool graphic effect.

A Cure for Mid-day Fatigue?

Beyond just general productivity, hydration can keep you from that afternoon crash at work. Fatigue and tiredness are common symptoms of dehydration, and this has been observed in several studies. Even mild or moderate dehydration – which is indicated by the feeling of thirst – causes decreases in alertness and concentration, a direct result of fatigue.

Additionally, dehydration impairs worker productivity. According to one study, forest workers who were just 1-percent dehydrated experienced a 12 percent drop in productivity, compared to their hydrated colleagues. More substantial dehydration could represent a drop in productivity of 20-30 percent.