They often say you should try to find a job that doesn’t feel like a job.  “Find something you love to do and find a way to get paid for doing it!” That was advice I had heard many times in various ways over the years.  I have been so blessed for many years.  For more than 25 years I have worked with youth, as teacher, mentor, program director, worship leader, and chief pizza ordering guy.

I have counted myself very blessed to have found so many opportunities over the years to do what I loved to do.  Now as I head into this new phase of my career and life I find myself again being able to do what I love, and even get paid for it.  (I’m hopful about  the getting paid part – since this is now a full-time gig)

The Lord continues to teach me more and more about who He is and what he is calling me to do.  Perhaps I should say He is telling me more and more about who He is and who I am.  I’m beginning to clearly see that I did not have a complete picture of either.  While I know that I will never fully know who He is until I get to see Him face to face, I am enjoying the learning.  I also know that I will probably never fully know who I am until I see me as He sees me.

In the past I have wondered if this path of venturing out as a traveling speaker for the King was what I wanted to do.  I also became convinced that It was not the direction that God was calling me. Until now –  each day I become more and more convinced that I am called to do what I love to do – Teach!

Who makes the best teachers?  Its the ones who spend the most time learning, the ones who never stop learning.  I am excited for the journey and I am getting excited about what I am learning about a God who is not so surprising after all.  To follow my  journey there are several things you can do:

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Editorial note: a wise man recently said to me “I don’t know if you need an editor, or if the funky grammar is part of your charm?”  – It’s part of my charm and so is the spelling.  That’s why I am a speaker my words always come out spelled right and it’s almost impossible to diagram as many sentences as I can get out in the time given me, even run on sentences are not easy to spot in the spoken work, not like they are in written words, so I’ll stick to speaking.