Well the day arrived, I put it off as long as I could, but I finally felt It was time for a clean install of the OS on my personal laptop.  So with my check list in hand I got ready for it…

  • Run Belarc Advisor to get a current copy of programs, and install keys, and drivers.
  • Open iTunes and “deauthorize this computer” so I can “authorize” it later.
  • Make sure my system was backed up online – I used Trend Micro’s “Safe Sync
  • Remind myself this is going to be a LONG process…
  • Do a local backup of my files to a portable drive (yea I’m paranoid!)

Then I was ready to start.  I got out my Windows7 Upgrade Install Disc and prayed that it would install clean or sould I say “custom” since that is what Microsoft calls it these days, with out my having to do the who upgrade check, vista load etc.


So the system is up and running again time to take a look at my article “First Things First” and refresh my memory on some of those first key steps of setting up a new computer.

So, after loading anto virus (I used the free Panda Cloud Anti-Virus) and my firewall (I used the free Zone Alarm) it is time to get all my favorites back on to my system.  I thought I would take you along on the ride.  Here’s what I added next:

  • Mozilla FIreFox FREE Browser
  • Google Chrome FREE Browser (It’s good to have multiple browsers set up on each computer)
  • I set up my iGooogle page as my Home Page for Browsing.
  • LastPass -FREE Password Keeper Tool
  • DropBox – FREE My sync folder that I use on my laptop, home computer, and office computer.
  • Reinstall Snagit – (CHEAP) This is my favorite Screen Capture, and quick clip editor for Windos and Mac
  • Audacity – A FREE, Cross-Platform Sound Editor
  • iTunes – FREE -If you have to ask what this is you are reading the wrong blog.
  • FileZilla – an Awesome FREE ftp Program.
  • Advance System Care – A FREE system utility suite for maintaining a well runing machine
  • Gimp – my favorite FREE graphics editor, because I’m to cheap to buy photoshop

This is the short list, I’ll update as I go along.  Next time I’ll share what my favorite plugins are for Firefox, some I know you will enjoy!