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Some might say that I never met a time management gadget that I didn’t like. The simple truth is I do like electronic calendars, but I have never been fully satisfied with how they function and how they sync. Until now that is!

I have looked at, and purchased many of the Calendar apps that are out for the iPhone and the iPad.  A few of  my requirements are: fast load time when I open it, sync with Google calendar, syncs automatically, fast to register a new event.  and easy to use with my trifocals!

I found it through an app called simply “Calendars” by Readdle.  I found it the other day when they celebrated their 5th birthday and put all their apps at 50% off!  Sorry you will need to wait until their 6th birthday now.  The cost of the app is $6.99 and I would gladly pay full price, not as gladly as I would pay half price mind you, but well worth the price.

From it’s well designed interface to it’s lighting fast speed it is an all around winner.  It is a universal iPad and iPhone app so I only needed to buy it once! YEA!

Check it out and let me know what you think about it!