EGO SOLUS (Self Alone) is not one of the great Solas of the Reformation.

American culture has been chronicled by some great and not so great magazines over the years. These magazine titles can tell us a great deal about our self-centered human nature.

LOOK was a bi-weekly publication that began in 1937 it was a general purpose magazine with short articles and lots of photos.

LIFE began as a humor magazine in 1883 and ran until 1936. Starting in 1937 it started telling the great stories of life and living.

PEOPLE hit the shelves in 1974 and took our focus from all of life to just the people and their stories.

US which began in 1977 narrowed our focus down even more from all of the people to just -US, and not them.

SELF narrowed the focus down, even more, starting in 1979 as it began to concern itself with only me.

The reformation’s great Solas remind us that we are not at the core of our life and salvation but it is by Faith Alone, through Grace Alone, in Christ Alone, as revealed in Scripture Alone that we can proclaim:

Soli Deo Gloria – “glory to God alone.”