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B3EVERNOTEIf TheBig3Coloryou have information to keep and retrieve (and who doesn’t in this digital age?), let me introduce you to one of the best tools I have found: Evernote. It is a digital work space in which you can keep your memos, documents, photos, videos, Web clips, and so much more. I’d like to share 3 ways that Evernote improves my life and organization.

Keeping it All Together.

TheBig3_1I don’t know about you, but I have a long trail of failed filing systems, both physical and digital. That trail ended once I came to Evernote. It is a place for me to keep everything. And I mean everything. I keep important emails that I will need in the future. I keep articles that I have clipped from the Web for future reference. I keep audio recordings from workshops I have attended. I keep documents and project files. I keep medical information and prescription records.

Part of the beauty of Evernote is that it can be the catch-all. No more keeping some things in Google Docs, some in One Note, some in a file cabinet, and some on my computer in a deeply nested file structure that made perfect sense on the day I created it . . . but not now.

Keeping My Inbox Clean.

TheBig3_2When I set up my Evernote account, I was given a custom Evernote email address that can be used to send things directly to my Evernote inbox. When I get the itinerary for my next speaking trip, I simply forward those emails to my Evernote mailbox and I can delete them from my email. Any time I can clean up my inbox, I am a happy boy! Not only can I forward emails to Evernote, I can also subscribe to newsletters and have them sent right to Evernote. This means they never plug up my email, yet I can read and access them when I want. I simply use my Evernote email address as the subscription address. Yes, even in the days of double opt-in subscriptions it still works.

Keeping My Info at My Fingertips.

TheBig3_3Not only can I keep my inbox clear of clutter, and keep info together in one place, but I can also easily retrieve it again! Evernote allows you to use a system of tags to help you retrieve information based on its tag, a keyword search, or just about any other search you can think of. If you subscribe to the premium version of Evernote, you can also search your PDF files for content. Tell me that is not an amazing, time-saving tool.

Imagine having a file system like this: Take the paper you want to keep, slap a Post-It on it, along with a key word or two, and then toss it in a huge box. If, in fact, you could retrieve it, that would be amazing. That, my friend, is Evernote . . . but if you have the deep need to create sub-folders, you can also create all the “notebooks” you want in Evernote to store your information.

Visit for more information. And did I mention they have apps for every device on the planet? . . . except maybe the old TRS-80 computer you have in your attic.


SOMETHING TO PONDER  What is some information that you filed in such a good place that it took you days to find? Do you use Evernote now? What’s your favorite feature?