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Podcasts have been around for many years now, and podcasts have come and gone over those years. Many people are now discovering podcasts for the first time as many new media outlets are using podcasts as a way to re-purpose their content. The first GodPonders podcast was introduced about 8 years ago, but was very short-lived. Now that GodPonders is a full-time venture, we have revived the podcast and are having a ball in the process. So, here are 3 reasons you should subscribe to the GodPonders Audio Christian Podcast.

Because it’s FREE.

TheBig3_1We’re back, and that should be reason enough to subscribe to our podcast. After all, you are on our website . . . so you must have some interest in who we are and what we do. You can subscribe for free through iTunes or through Stitcher Radio, or through any Android device. Just click the links to the right of this article to sign up today!

With the price of subscribing being at an all-time low (which also happens to be the all-time high price for our podcast), there is no better time than the present.

You Won’t Miss Anything.

TheBig3_2If you subscribe, then the content of our podcast is delivered to your smartphone or computer on a regular basis. We try to release a new podcast each Monday. As a subscriber to the podcast, you can listen to it at any time—even if Mondays don’t work, you can tune in on Tuesday night or even Thursday on your way to the cabin (but only if you are one of the lucky ones who gets to leave for the cabin on Thursday). The content of the podcast is found nowhere else; besides, we know you want to hear it.

While it’s hard to read the website while you are driving to work (and probably unsafe), there is no issue listening to a podcast on the way to the office—especially my podcast!

Family-Friendly Content.

TheBig3_3Each episode of our podcast is completely family-friendly. Even your children will enjoy humming along to our theme music. We offer a weekly dose of real life with a twist, and a full helping of a biblical worldview. All of this is mixed with a good measure of humor for the road. Our desire is to leave you encouraged, challenged, and smiling. From the Bible teaching to the real-life stories, it makes for a great listen.



Once you have listened to a few podcasts, stop by iTunes and leave us a review. The more reviews, the easier it is for people to find us, and we love to know what you think about our podcast.

SOMETHING TO PONDER Would a few good podcasts be a better choice for your time in the car or while exercising? What podcasts do you listen to now? Join The Conversation

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