2nd day of ChristmasHappy 2nd day of Christmas. From my office in Eden Prairie, MN I can say that it really does look like Christmas outside after a wonderful overnight snowfall.  I also know that in the next day or two I will witness one of the saddest events of the season. This event I call the “early demise of Christmas.” It is the day that decorations come down and trees start appearing  curb side. What makes these dark days is that Christmas was just getting warmed up!  This is why our Christmas lights will stay lit through Epiphany on January 6th and our tree will come down sometime after that.

Today’s marks the 2nd Day of Christmas on our 12 day journey to Epiphany.  We are in the “12 days of Christmas.”  In our culture we get the waiting, the preparation, the Advent of Jesus all mixed in with Christmas.   Often by time the actual season of Christmas rolls around ( and it rolled into town yesterday on December 25) we are tired of Christmas Music, Lights, not to mention the tree, which has been up since Thanksgiving in many homes has lost most of it’s needles.

So how do we change that?  How do we take the time to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas? – We are here to help.  I am committed to recording a fresh Podcast each day to help us celebrate and reflect on the season of Christmas as we look forward to Epiphany!  Today we will look at 2 of my favorite Christmas Eve Traditions.

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