The recycling bin is full of boxes and paper from the opening of gifts. I’m full too from the Christmas dinner, and pie, and cookies. I am also full from all the family and friends who gather in the last few days for Worship and Celebration around the manger of my King.

Today things begin to slowly creep back toward normal.  I imagine there might even be a tree, stripped of its former glory on the curb. Soon the children will be back in school and in some ways, it will be as if Christmas never happened. That is where you and I come in, It is our sacred duty to not let Christmas fade, but to live in the Glory of the Word made flesh. I pray you continue to ponder CHRISTmas even after the 12 days of Christmas are done. By the way – we still have until January 6th to Celebrate Christmas so let’s not put those trees away just yet.

Let’s be like the shepherds who returned from that first Christmas glorifying and praising God for all the things they had seen and heard! Keep the message and joy, and hope, and love, and peace, and Baby of Christmas going!

WHAT are you most praising God for this CHRISTmas?