FREEkindlebooksIt must be Christmas at Amazon!  They have been giving away books for the kindle like they are snowflakes on Christmas eve.  For you southerners that is alot of books! Most of them come and go quickly so you need to can them,  pick them and read them later.  To check out the abundance of new free books from Amazon just bookmark:  Yes you will want to book mark this one so you can go back to it and keep checking what is new.

The 1000+ (non-public domain) books include everything from cookbooks to commentaries.  Lots of great fiction and even a good cookbook or two. There are even some good children’s picture books for all you kindle fire or ipad kindle readers!

Stop Pouting!

DON”T HAVE A KINDLE!  Stop Pouting!  Well if you are reading this you have everything you need to get a Kindle ebook and enjoy it!  You can read Kindle books on your phone, tablet, computer or yes even a kindle.  The new color Fire, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB – Includes Special Offers, Black sells for as little as $49!

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