Monday Morning Freebies

Who Doesn't Like Free

monday-706919_640One thing I do each Monday is gather a few freebies to add to my graphics collection. I can never pass up a freebie and I don’t want you to either. So here are a few Monday morning freebie links to help you brighten your week. – Here you can gather freebie font’s, graphics, filters and more.  Fresh collection of downloads each Monday. – Light Stock one of my favorite Christian stock photo sources and they provide quality free samples each Monday. – In addition to a weekly stock photo they also provide a weekly vector graphic. – Light Stock also provides free monthly video clip.

I grab the freebies each week, they are “stock piled” in graphic folders on my computer.  It is amazing how many time I have gone back to the folders to find I have a graphic in hand that is the perfect fit for my project.  These freebies also introduce you to photographers and designers you may wish to use in the future on a project. While these two sites provide us with great weekly freebies they are also great sites to purchase good graphic resources at fair prices. I have purchased from both sites over the years.

He Makes That Look So Easy

Pondering God Podcast Episode 36

Watching the Olympics and the many talented athletes lead many to comment, “They make that look so easy!” I know that is not true. Those who compete in the Olympics are well trained and have thousands of hours at whatever skill they use in their sport. How about a faith journey? Have you ever met someone who “made it look easy?” In today’s podcast lets talk about living by faith.

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Tornado and Prayer

Watkins and Litchfield hit by Tornado

KramerSome times the storm hits close to home. I have family in Watkins MN where the recent weather turned into an ugly tornado with great damage. Already I am hearing of God’s provision of protection. The photos I am seeing of the damage and the current reports of no casualties is amazing. Thanks be to God for his care and mercy.

My late brother-in-law Gordy Kramer and his brothers opened Kramer Electric in Watkins many years ago. In an instant last night their building was destroyed. They were far from the only ones effected. Many other homes and businesses both in Watkins and in Litchfield MN were damaged or destroyed.

I invite you to join in prayer for these communities as they work to pick themselves back up and move on.  If there are specific ways you can help I will update this post as they become known to me.